An experiment.

Dentyne does its part to fuck with the minds of Millenials.

Dentyne, doing its part to fuck with the minds of Millennials.

I was sitting on the subway this morning, once again trying to ignore the advertisements for beer (you’ll be sexy if you drink this), candy (you’ll have more fun if you eat this), and gum (you’ll be less lonely if you chew this), when I decided my project for the month:

I will attempt to not purchase anything I have ever seen advertised.

One tricky part will be trying to remember what I’ve seen advertisements for and what I haven’t.  After all, Advertising is everywhere.  Ads on television.  Ads on the radio.  Ads flooding your mailbox.  Ads in magazines and journals and newspapers.  Ads on billboards above roads and factories and empty fields.  Ads painted onto the sides of skyscrapers.  Ads dancing and blinking and popping up and invading every corner of the internet.

But even if I don’t succeed at the task, I think the process will help me gain awareness of what I purchase and what goes into each decision.  I don’t really believe that pure freedom exists in consumer societies, but I do think that we can create room for awareness and defiance.  That is the goal of my little experiment.


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2 Responses to “An experiment.”

  1. Skinny Bone Jones Says:

    Or! You can also go back through your last month or so’s worth of purchases and try and determine what % of them even have ads. I’m always musing over the fact that most of my purchases aren’t made b/c of an ad.

    With the exception of the Cover Girl lip stain, of course. But that’s, you know, different*.

    *Make-up ads are more like PSAs for femmes, right? Like suggested landmarks on Sephora maps, etc.

  2. scantron Says:

    sounds like an awesome experiment! it would be fun if lots of people tried this to show the advertisers who pay the most money that being bombarded with ads isn’t making us want to buy your products anymore than the next. let them waste their money on ads!

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